Weekly Spiritual Practices
We practice the Spiritual Disciplines to Be with Jesus, to Become like Jesus and to Do what Jesus did!

Each week there will be two opprotunities:

1) Weekly Practice - Helping you apply the sermon by Practicing the Ways of Jesus.

2) Discussion Questions - Answer as a Life Group or with some friends in order to Grow Together.  

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Week 10: The Problem of Spiritual Stuck-ness
Our Weekly Spiritual Practice: SAME AS WEEK 9

Practice - same as last week (link below)

If you completed is last week then:

  1. Review your schedule and go again
  2. Also look deeper into #14 and complete the Rule of Life Workbook (click here)
Week 9 Practice: Create a Schedule
Discussion Questions
  1. Share your experience with the practice of last 2 weeks: ‘Create a weekly schedule that includes the Spiritual Practices.’ (video click here) As a group you may want to do this practice together, now! If not as a group or if you haven’t completed it yet – Name one way you are willing to adjust your weekly schedule in order to practice the 7 core spiritual practices better.
  2. Why do people often believe the core tenets of the Christian faith but don’t actively follow Jesus?
  3. How would you honestly describe your current spiritual status – seeking, stagnant, declining or growing? Where are you in danger of the problem of Spiritual stuck-ness?
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